Exercise: A diptych
Length: 2' (max)
1. Chose an image from your personal or family archive, one that you especially like or that strikes you for any reason. It can be a family scene, a portrait, an event, a landscape, etc. If you don't have any (which is very very difficult to believe) chose a picture from the past that you like. In both cases must be an image that you connect with. It can also be a moving image (footage from the past, film or video) but in that case chose just 1 minute, not more! This image will be the base, the departing point, for this exercise.
2. From that image write a short text, real or fiction, a text that you'll work as a voice over. You can be poetic or factual, can be a short story or an inner thought motivated by something in the image, or something that is absent, can be a memory or a fake memory, a feeling, a song...